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Eye on Africa: African Studies Center Weekly Speaker Series. Scroll down to see Speaker information. Full list of speakers: africa.isp.msu.edu
Eye on Africa
The African Studies Center Weekly Speaker Series
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The African Studies Center at Michigan State University, weekly seminar series.
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Cynthia Becker
Cynthia Becker is associate professor in the History of Art & Architecture Department at Boston University. She is author of Amazigh Arts in Morocco: Women Shaping Berber Identity (2006) and Blackness in Morocco: Gnawa Identity through Music and Visual Culture. Her work appears in many journals and edited volumes. This talk uses the Gnawa guinbri to discuss the history of the trans-Saharan slavery in Morocco. As a musical instrument manufactured and played by the descendants of enslaved people, the guinbri has taken on multiple meanings over the years, revealing how Morocco’s relationship with the African continent has changed over time. The guinbri was previously hidden by musicians who used it to invoke spirits into possession, a practice considered taboo by many. Today, the guinbri has moved out of the shadows and has become an icon that links Morocco to African continent due to its very connection to alterity.
Dawson Mccall
Dawson McCall is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University, New Orleans, where he teaches courses on African history, sports history, and Global history. His research focuses on the relationship between sports, education practice, and ideas of development in post-colonial Kenya. He is currently finishing his PhD dissertation entitled, “Run, Pray, Read: Educational Practice, Kenyan Sport, and Community Development at St. Patrick’s High School in Iten,” in which he explores the social history of St. Patrick’s High School in Iten, Kenya. He is a former Fulbright fellow and an award-winning teacher and coach.